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Why Aren’t Cell Phones Allowed in Rehab?

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Admitting you have a substance abuse problem is the first big step towards recovery. Many of us know we have a problem and need help, but fear attacks us; it stops us in our tracks. We know that inpatient treatment for addiction is usually recommended to start recovery, especially if we have developed a physical dependence on a drug. We need a place with a good medically supervised detox program to help us get through the detox process as smoothly and painlessly as possible. However, admitting ourselves into a 30-day inpatient program means we will have to abide by some rules. One of those rules is not having a cell phone during our stay. Why do rehabs do this? Why aren’t cell phones allowed in inpatient rehab? Why Aren't Cell Phones Allowed in Rehab?

Not Having a Cell Phone Gives an Individual a Better Chance of Recovery

Since cell phones have been around people, have gradually become more dependent and addicted to these devices. Everywhere you go these days, you see a cell phone. How many times have you misplaced your cell phone and panicked, not knowing what you’ve done with it? The thought of handing it over freely for one day, let alone 30, can be a great cause of panic for some people, but there are good reasons for this. When a person enters into treatment, it is critical to focus on getting better. Not having a cell phone gives an individual a better chance of learning, retaining, and absorbing all the important information they need to know about addiction and recovery. A cell phone serves as a major distraction towards reaching your recovery goals.

More About Cell Phones in Treatment Centers

Cell phones are also a connection to the outside world. Entering into a rehab facility helps us get away from all of the bad influences and removes us from any temptation. Having a cell phone handy means we could easily contact a dealer to purchase substances if we have a moment of weakness. This, of course, puts not only yourself but everyone else in the treatment center at risk for a relapse. There is also the risk of other clients’ confidentiality being broken. With all of the social media outlets available now, there could be pictures or videos taken and posted without the knowledge of the treatment center or consent from the person or persons affected. Remember, this is only for a short period and is what’s best for you and everyone else in the facility with you to get better and get your life back.

Are There Any Rehabs That Allow You to Have a Phone?

It is 2022, and there are a lot of people that need treatment for an addiction, but can’t do this without having a phone. There may be someone who runs a business, has a senior position at a large corporation, or has a job and is their family’s sole provider, so they have to be able to maintain contact with the outside world. Are there any rehabs that allow you to have a phone? Every rehab center has its own set of rules and policies when it comes to smartphones and electronic devices. There are places that will allow them, but there may be restrictions placed on when and where they can be used. Some places may only allow use once you’ve successfully gotten through the detox process. If you are looking into entering rehab, but have concerns about being able to use or have a smartphone, it’s best to call the facility you are looking at and find out their policies prior to entering treatment.

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