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Programs Offered

Programs Offered

Treatment is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to addiction. Evoke Wellness Coconut Creek uses an individualized care experience for each person that walks through our doors. Each client will have a thorough evaluation upon their admission to determine the best treatment program for their individual case. We offer a residential level of care as our primary option, along with medication-assisted treatment programs for those that have struggled with an addiction to opioids or with alcohol. Or perhaps medication-assisted treatment isn’t right for you. We also offer other treatment options using various medications to help control the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Whatever the case, we will work with each person individually and get them on the right road to recovery.

Evoke Wellness Coconut Creek also offers programs for those that have struggled with stimulant addiction. Cocaine and Methamphetamine addictions can be very difficult to recover from, however, with the right program recovery is possible. Our top priority here is to keep each person safe and comfortable while getting them through the rehabilitation process. Our addiction professionals will work with you through each and every step of the treatment process to assure the most success in your recovery.

Residential Rehab

Residential treatment ensures that you are supervised throughout the whole recovery process, because beginnings are always tough. With this high level of care, men and women can feel safe and comfortable as they get better and experience the benefits of recovery and staying clean and sober through group therapy, individual counseling, and much more.

Getting sober is tough because the cravings are often unbearable. It’s almost impossible to get over the hump alone, without any assistance, guidance, or support. Our clinical team is ready to take on the challenge and minimize your discomfort to an appropriate level that allows for solution-focused inpatient addiction care.

Inpatient Care

Family Program

Millions of families are affected by the devastating effects of addiction everyday. Addiction is a family disease, so it’s crucial for the family to be involved in the treatment process. When the family is actively involved in the treatment of their addicted loved one, studies show the person affected is more likely to succeed and stay clean.
Alumni and family members will no doubt face challenges as treatment ends and sober living begins. At Evoke, we understand that navigating living arrangements, careers, relationships and other important aspects of life can be difficult. During our time in treatment we have learned the importance of community.

Alumni Program

Ready to Rebuild Your Life?

Our caring treatment team knows that it’s not always easy to ask for help. At Evoke Wellness Coconut Creek, many of our staff are in recovery themselves and we undertand what you’re going through. Reach out today and we will guide you to lasting sobriety.

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