Women’s Rehab Program


Build a foundation for lasting recovery from addiction

Women's Rehab Program

Interior Img Wp Image 608 Size Medium AlignrightRecovery is a journey of healing and hope. Not everyone gets to that path by the same route, and not everyone walks it the same way. Rehab programs that focus exclusively on women’s recovery provide the same therapies and treatments as co-ed rehab but in a way that often feels safer and more comfortable for women.

Evoke Wellness understands that every addiction treatment program is different and will be experienced through each person’s lens, which includes their health, addiction history, strengths, vulnerabilities, family commitments, needs, and aspirations. Our women’s addiction rehab program in Coconut Creek focuses on the needs of women seeking recovery in a welcoming, secure setting. Learn more about our women’s rehab program by calling us at 866.693.3871 or using our online form. Once you connect with one of our staff, we can answer all your questions about addiction treatment for women.

Why Choose Our Women’s Rehab Program in Coconut Creek?

Often the reasons that women choose single-gender addiction treatment are hard to quantify. Many women report that women’s rehab simply felt like the right choice. They wanted to go through this difficult passage in their life away from the male gaze, without any possible overlays of the cultural expectations women typically have to navigate.

Some of the reasons women often prefer a women’s addiction treatment center over one that is mixed-gender are listed below.

A Sense of Safety

Women bring a lifetime of emotional content with them to rehab. In many cases, sexual trauma is a significant factor in their psychological profile. Among other women, a woman may feel more likely to trust her peers to open up about domestic violence, rape, or sexual abuse. An atmosphere where women share openly encourages more of the same, and healing can happen in earnest only when everyone feels secure enough to be honest with themselves and others.

Guilt-Free Zone

Women struggle to enter rehab largely due to guilt about leaving their families behind. As family caretakers, many women have a hard time asking for help. Most women also have a job or career. Their contributions to the family budget are vital. Their choice to leave their supportive responsibilities behind while they take care of themselves is often ridiculed. In a women’s rehab where everyone is dealing with the same situation, women feel understood, and the clinical staff can address the feelings of guilt and shame that can impede recovery.

Support that Nurtures

The power of peer support is well-documented. Men and women alike benefit from having a group of peers engaging alongside them in rehab. For women in rehab with other women, that support comes more readily. Men tend to be more stoic and suppress emotions, which means dealing with the emotional baggage of others is harder for them. Women are more accustomed to listening, soothing, and supporting other people and can more readily wrap each other up in nurturing support, which women who are trying to confront their addiction need.


In rehab, there is one thing to focus on—recovery. But women often feel the need to present themselves pleasingly to the world, largely due to aesthetic standards set by men. Removing any overlay of discomfort or self-consciousness about how they show up in rehab is helpful for women. Removing that layer of expectation can give them ease so they can focus on the hard work of recovery.

Women’s Addiction Treatment Centers

In women’s rehab, you will find the same high-quality care you receive in any top-notch addiction treatment center. The only difference is that a professional team will offer these evidence-based treatments and life skills in an environment of women only.

Whether you have an addiction to benzos, alcohol, cocaine, opioids, or any other controlled substance, your recovery is in reach at an Evoke Wellness women’s rehab program. You can expect:

  • One-on-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Peer support groups
  • Mindfulness opportunities
  • Sober activities
  • Good nutrition
  • Comfortable accommodations and more

Women’s Rehab Program at Evoke Wellness Coconut Creek

A women’s rehab program can provide the support you need to break through into lasting recovery if you are struggling with a substance use disorder. Evoke Wellness offers evidence-based therapies in a state-of-the-art facility. When you leave the program, you become part of our extensive alumni network and can engage in supportive after-care programs.

Call today to learn more about our women’s addiction treatment center. Our number is 866.693.3871, or you can complete this online form, and someone will reach out to you.