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Meet Our Team


Build a foundation for lasting recovery

At Evoke Wellness Coconut Creek, our entire team is dedicated to our patients. Our primary mission is to evoke healing and wellness through proven therapy for you or your loved one in recovery. The Evoke Wellness Coconut Creek staff ensures that your individual needs are met, and the best possible treatment is provided for the best possible outcome.

While the Evoke Wellness Florida staff includes licensed physicians and nurses, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Our team consists of a wide range of behavioral health professionals who are there to help you pave the road to recovery. Psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, and other medical professionals have come together to set the course for recovery.

Many of our staff have gone through recovery themselves, and as a result, they have devoted themselves to helping you on your journey. To get started with our great team, call Evoke Wellness Coconut Creek at 866.693.3871.


Mark Thompson

Executive Director

Mark Thompson has been in the substance abuse / mental health field since 1997. He started his career on the West Coast of Florida as a therapist at a small agency and quickly assumed a leadership role which has been the hallmark of his career ever since.

Mark has worked in private for-profit and public not-for-profit agencies, both large and small. He has worked within the Florida prison system bringing drug and alcohol treatment to men and women incarcerated in the state. Mark has also maintained a private practice as well as serving as a consultant, assisting agencies with licensure/certification.

Mark’s passion throughout his career has been to help those suffering with addiction learn how to save their own lives, and he brings that passion to his role as Executive Director of Evoke Coconut Creek.


Pastel Kendrick

Director of Nursing

Pastel attended Keiser Institute and graduated in 2011. After graduation, she began working at Fort Lauderdale Hospital as a Licensed Practical Nurse. While at the Keiser Institute, her work ethic and leadership skills were recognized. She was honored to receive the Employee of The Year award in 2015.

Although she enjoyed her position as an LPN, Pastel always dreamed of playing a more integral role as a leader in healthcare. She would often reflect on her personal experiences to encourage her to achieve her goal. Pastel assisted her mother in the daily care of her maternal grandmother. This experience has had a huge impact on Pastel’s passion for helping others in need. The love she felt when caring for her grandmother has helped her become a more compassionate nurse and patient advocate.

Pastel began working at Evoke Wellness in 2018 while she continued her education. She graduated with an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree from Southeastern College (2020). After ten years of experience and gaining knowledge on substance use disorders, Pastel’s dream was fulfilled. She was promoted to Director of Nursing at Evoke Wellness. Pastel continues to be a dedicated leader by maintaining effective relationships with staff and improving the quality of care for all patients.

In her free time, Pastel enjoys traveling, watching professional basketball games, and spending time with family and friends.


Danielle Ramdhansingh

Executive Chef

Danielle Ramdhansingh was born and raised in St.Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. She later moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and received a Bachelor of Science degree in culinary management.

Danielle has been cooking for 12 years and brings passion, creativity, and deliciousness to every meal. She always lives by “good food makes people smile.”

In her free time, Danielle enjoys traveling, being a mom, and spending time with family.

Get to Know Our Team by Reaching Out Today

At Evoke Wellness Coconut Creek, our team is ready and willing to help you get started on the road to recovery. Our professional, compassionate team has experience with a wide variety of substance addictions and can help you find the proper treatment for your individual situation. Call today for more information at 866.693.3871.