Men’s Rehab Program


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Men's Rehab Program

Interior Img Wp Image 606 Size Medium AlignrightThe goal of rehab is a lifetime of sobriety, a journey far beyond addiction treatment’s parameters. The most important thing in considering a drug treatment program is that it suits your specific needs, circumstances, and goals. Often that means single-gender rehab. Many factors go into your substance use disorder (SUD)—genetic predisposition, mental health history, family, relationships, past trauma, self-esteem, and so much more. If you are a man who wants to leave substance abuse behind, consider a men’s addiction treatment center.

The staff at Evoke Wellness understands the unique set of factors that often affect men in our society. Our men’s rehab program in Coconut Creek specifically focuses on your needs and helps you understand, process, and heal from your setbacks, obstacles, or trauma, past and present. Learn more about our men’s addiction treatment center. Call us at 866.693.3871 or use our online form. We will answer all your questions about our addiction treatment programs, men’s rehab, and how to get started on your recovery.

Why Choose Our Men’s Rehab Program in Coconut Creek?

Men face unique cultural expectations that impact their drinking and drug use and affect their recovery, including making it hard for them to admit they have a problem in the first place.

A men’s addiction treatment center is often the best option for men seeking to begin recovery. Some of the circumstances experienced by men include:

  • Pressure to drink or do drugs at an early age
  • Pressure to drink or do drugs publicly, even in the workplace
  • Shaming if they resist cultural pressure or refuse to go along
  • Greater likelihood of engaging in alcohol or drug binges

Men also are socialized to believe they have to appear invulnerable. Normal human emotions can be interpreted as weakness, and any perceived difficulties to succeed in a job, be independent, and support themselves and a family can erode men’s self-esteem. Drinking and drug use are often ways to boost self-image and confidence artificially.

How Men’s Addiction Treatment Can Help You

In a men’s rehab program, men receive excellent care targeted specifically to them and their unique circumstances. Some of the reasons to choose men’s rehab are listed below:

The Freedom to Be Vulnerable

Men are expected never to admit their vulnerability. This expectation does not serve them well and can get in the way of successful addiction treatment. If you cannot admit there is a problem or face both the root causes and the subsequent fallout of your addiction, healing will be much more challenging, if not impossible. In a male-only group, you may feel less pressured to be performative. If other men are modeling more vulnerability, all of you are less likely to be held back by stigma, choosing instead to share openly.


Often a men’s rehab evokes feelings and memories of other male-only bonding situations, such as sports teams, childhood fishing expeditions, fraternities, and more. If you have positive memories of these experiences, you may wish to return to those feelings of camaraderie in a men-only rehab setting.

Trust and Honesty

For a man to openly reflect on his past in the presence of women is often difficult, not just because of social programming but because, statistically, women are more likely to have been the victims of male aggression or sexual misconduct. Men are less likely to feel like talking openly about their pasts around women who may become triggered. Men and women must confront these experiences as they likely impact substance abuse. However, doing so together is unlikely to be as effective, successful, or possible as doing so in a single-sex rehab.

If you are a man seeking addiction treatment, a men’s addiction treatment center is an excellent place to start.

The Men’s Rehab Program at Evoke Wellness Coconut Creek

The rates of drug and alcohol addiction are higher among men than women, but men are less likely to admit they have a problem or seek help. The availability of men-only rehab can increase the chances of men seeking the treatment they need. At Evoke Wellness, our men’s addiction treatment center provides men with evidence-based therapies and support geared specifically to their unique needs. To learn more about our men’s rehab program in Coconut Creek, contact us by using our online form or calling 866.693.3871. We look forward to answering your questions and giving you the support you need to choose recovery and wellness.