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Finding Your Higher Power in Recovery

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When someone has surrendered to the fact that they can no longer drink or take drugs without losing control and facing terrible consequences, they are on their way to a new life in recovery. Simply recognizing how they react to substances in their body is paramount, but there is more to accept that needs their attention. Recovery is more than just remaining clean and sober; it requires an in-depth understanding of why the drugs and the alcohol provide them relief. Most recovering individuals have wounds from childhood and other situations that prompt their disease of addiction that centers on the mind and emotions. To embrace recovery, a most critical aspect is considering what helps—seeking out spiritual connections with an established group, religion, or practice is a lifeline for most. People at peace with their recovery share the belief in something greater than themselves to help them in their daily lives. Finding Your Higher Power in Recovery

What Does Surrender Have to Do With Recovery?

The idea that a person cannot think their way out of addiction or to will their way into remaining clean and sober is often difficult to take in. Yet, as humans, the mind is a powerful source of comfort. For the most part, people will rely on their intellect and senses to solve a problem or examine one. However, it is essential for many people in recovery to surrender to a force greater than their mind, as it is flawed because of the disease. Without faith in a higher power or God, anyone, not just people in recovery, is burdened with having to do it all by themselves. Surrendering to a higher power or God means that the person will have faith that their higher power is there for them and, most notably, in charge of their life. Surrender helps minimize self-will-run-riot and focuses on peace of mind versus self-seeking.

What is A Higher Power?

A higher power is a spirit or being (such as God) that has great power, strength, knowledge and helps to protect, teach, and guide people’s lives. There is no condition on what someone can call their higher power. Still, it is helpful to seek something authentic. Without books on the subject that engage spiritual thought or discussion, a higher power as a doorknob or other random object is not likely to inspire or give the person much proof of existence. It is possible, but most people in recovery prefer to believe in a higher power that others also recognize. The following are familiar sources of a higher power:

  • God
  • Jesus
  • Buddha
  • Allah
  • Deities of Hinduism
  • Mother Earth / Goddess
  • Arch-Angles
  • Any of the 12 step programs

Does Science Support Having A Higher Power For Recovery?

The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health have researched how prayer and belief in a higher power activate the reward pathway in the brain, releasing dopamine. Their findings are enlightening.

Importantly, however, other types of prayers may be associated with more primitive brain regions. Some research has shown that engaging in silent, established religious prayers (e.g., the Lord’s Prayer) activates the mesolimbic dopamine reward system. Therefore, reliance on a Higher Power may provide a means to maintain relatively optimal dopamine turnover in the brain’s reward system after terminating a drug of abuse. (NCBI)

Evoke Wellness In Coconut Creek Supports Spiritual Development For Lasting Recovery

The results speak for themselves when people in recovery have a higher power. They are at peace and remain clean and sober. Their lives are serviced, so to say, by what they call their source for strength, purpose, and meaning. Recovering from addiction is challenging. However, when patients get interested in seeking a higher power, they are usually surprised at how meaningful their recovery suddenly becomes. Evoke Coconut Creek does not make having a higher power a requirement, and we support all beliefs even if they are not in any sort of spiritual entity. Our priority is to offer all ways with or without a higher power to help you get and remain clean and sober AND to have peace of mind! We provide same-day admission in one phone call!