Build a foundation for lasting recovery from addiction

What Is Sober Spring?

young woman with peaceful contemplative expression standing outside on a sunny day learning what is sober spring as she completes the organization's 90-day challenge

Are you looking to make a change in your life and put an end to addiction? The 90-day Sober Spring challenge might be just what you need for inspiration and motivation. Call 866.693.3871 to speak with someone from Evoke Coconut Creek’s caring and knowledgeable team about Sober Spring and our addiction treatment programs, including our residential addiction treatment option.

What Is Sober Spring?

Sober Spring is an organization that helps individuals overcome addiction through a comprehensive 90-day sobriety challenge. The program focuses on the idea that recovery from addiction requires more than just abstaining from drugs or alcohol. It requires making lifestyle changes that will help promote long-term sobriety. To do this, Sober Spring uses evidence-based approaches, such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Mindfulness training
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Sober Spring stands out from other addiction treatment programs because it focuses on making lasting lifestyle changes to promote long-term sobriety. By offering evidence-based approaches, Sober Spring helps individuals learn new coping strategies that can help them manage their cravings and remain sober for extended periods. In addition, the 90-day challenge provides individuals with a reasonable timeline to measure progress toward achieving their goal of sobriety. This makes it easier for individuals to stay motivated and accountable during treatment.

Evoke Coconut Creek offers the Sober Spring program to our patients, along with other addiction treatment programs that can be customized for each person struggling with specific substance use disorders (SUDs).

How Does the 90-Day Sobriety Challenge Work?

Sober Spring’s 90-day sobriety challenge was founded in 2019 by a group of sober individuals who wanted to create an effective, evidence-based program for those looking to break free from addiction. The challenge’s goal is to provide participants with the tools and support they need to make lasting lifestyle changes that will help them maintain long-term sobriety. Sober Spring has helped countless people on their journey toward recovery from addiction.

The Sober Spring challenge consists of three phases:

  • Preparation
  • Immersion
  • Maintenance

During the preparation phase, participants work with a counselor to identify potential triggers they may encounter while on the program. Once these possible triggers are identified, participants can begin to develop strategies for managing them to increase their chances of success during the program. During the immersion phase, participants attend individual counseling sessions and group meetings with other participants to gain insight into their addictions and learn how to manage their cravings. Finally, during the maintenance phase, participants work with counselors and peers to ensure they are on track with their goals and continue making progress toward long-term sobriety.

How Can Professional Help Aid You in Overcoming Addiction and Remaining Sober?

Professional help can be invaluable when overcoming addiction and remaining sober. Experienced counselors and therapists can provide support throughout your journey by helping you identify potential triggers for your cravings and develop strategies for managing them.

Counselors can also provide resources such as referrals for additional treatment or guidance on coping with difficult emotions like anxiety or depression associated with withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol use. Furthermore, participating in support groups can also be beneficial as they provide a safe space where individuals can share stories about their own experiences with addiction without fear of judgment or criticism from others outside of the group setting.      

Learn More About Sober Spring in Florida at Evoke Coconut Creek

While overcoming an addiction is no easy task, programs like Sober Spring’s 90-day sobriety challenge offer hope that recovery is possible with hard work and dedication over time. Its combination of evidence-based therapies plus emotional support from peers going through similar struggles makes this challenge worth exploring if you want to create lasting changes in your life today. If you’re interested in participating in the challenge, contact Evoke Coconut Creek today at 866.693.3871 to learn more about Sober Spring.