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Benefits of a Family Program

therapist shaking hand of a smiling young man who is seated next to his father as they discuss the benefits of a family program

A family program is a type of counseling that is designed to promote healthier and more productive communication between family members. This approach teaches ways to resolve conflicts that may exist within families. There are many benefits of a family program where the individual struggling with substance use disorder and their family will be taught a series of skills. These strategies and methods may improve their relationships, build bridges, and help them see their loved ones in a better light. If your family is struggling to get along, maybe because someone is suffering from a substance use disorder, the family program at Evoke Wellness at Coconut Creek can be part of the solution. Contact us at 866.693.3871 today to learn more about our programs and services.

What Is A Family Program?

Facilitated by a psychologist, clinical social worker, or licensed therapist, a family program will typically be a short-term method of repairing the lines of communication within a family. Family counseling may include each member of your family or only those willing and able to participate in the regularly scheduled sessions. A person’s treatment plan during a family program will be customized to address their specific issues and concerns. When considering how can a family program help recovery, if substance abuse plays a role in the conflicts being experienced between family members, the program will work to address and overcome these issues as well.

How Can a Family Program Help Recovery?

During a typical family program session, several members of your family will be together in the same room with a professional therapist as facilitator. Individuals may also be seeing a trained family therapist on a one-on-one basis.

Family program meetings typically last one hour or less and will continue for approximately a dozen sessions. The exact number of sessions needed to accomplish your and your family’s goals for the program may vary based on the therapist’s professional recommendation.

During a family program, you can expect to be asked to:

  • Discuss ways in which each member of the family can better express their emotions, ideas, and thoughts in a healthy and productive manner
  • Explore the behaviors and roles that exist within your family in order to pinpoint the issue(s) that are contributing to the conflict(s) and then work to find constructive methods of solving those issues
  • Identify the strengths of each member of your family, and discuss ways to effectively utilize those strengths to improve the family as a whole
  • Develop empathy and understanding of the different struggles facing your family member(s) as they work through matters of mental health and substance abuse
  • Find common ground, allowing you to relate to each other
  • Set goals and work to achieve them

Family counseling is an evidence-based, proven therapeutic technique that can help you or a loved one enter and maintain recovery.

5 Benefits of a Family Program

Within a family program, there is the potential to teach the life skills needed to help improve a variety of issues commonly plaguing families. There are many benefits of a family program including:

  1. Strengthening bonds between siblings
  2. Managing stress and encouraging a better understanding of each other’s thoughts and feeling
  3. Improving relationships between partners and resolving conflict between parents and children
  4. Reducing grief and coping with mental illness
  5. Addressing the impact of substance abuse

You may choose to start a family program in addition to other forms of recovery treatment. This is especially true if one or more family members are struggling with mental health conditions that co-occur with substance use disorder, such as anxiety or depression. In cases of addiction, family members have the ability to attend family counseling sessions while the individual who is battling a substance use disorder participates in detox, rehab, and additional treatments as they work toward recovery.

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