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What Is The Difference Between Addiction and Dependence?

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What is the difference between addiction and dependence? Addiction is a devastating illness that affects the person abusing drugs or alcohol and their friends and family. It creates a physical need for the substance, leading to intense cravings that can cause some people to steal or harm others to get more drugs. A detox and residential addiction treatment program gives men and women a comfortable and safe facility to treat their addiction and reach their recovery goals.

At Evoke Wellness, we offer drug and alcohol detox and residential treatment for men and women across the country. Patients will work closely with certified behavioral therapists to work on changing their thoughts and behaviors that promote a healthy and sober lifestyle. Continue reading to learn about the difference between addiction and dependence, then give us a call at 866.693.3871if you need treatment for addiction and are ready for a life of sobriety.

What Is the Difference Between Addiction and Dependence?

When you abuse drugs or alcohol, you are flooding your body with chemicals that release a flood of dopamine and cause euphoria. Your body can never produce this level naturally, and with repeated use, it begins to depend on the substance to maintain the high amount of dopamine. As the chemicals leave your body, you will begin to feel physical and mental symptoms that increase in severity depending on the length of substance use.

Here are the differences between addiction and dependence:

  • Addiction – One of the main symptoms of addiction is the inability to stop using, even when the patient knows they are causing long-lasting or permanent damage to their brain and other organs. They may want to stop and attempt to do so repeatedly, but their cravings are too powerful to resist, and they become consumed with finding more drugs.
  • Dependence – Dependence is the physical aspect of addiction. As dopamine levels decrease, patients will experience symptoms like trembling, muscle and stomach pain, and sweating, which can lead to certain cancers, liver or kidney failure, and other severe medical conditions.

At Evoke Wellness, our sole purpose is to help men and women from all walks of life beat their addiction and lead happy and healthy lives. Each treatment program is custom to the patient and their unique symptoms.

The Benefits of Enrolling in a Residential Treatment Program

Enrolling in a residential treatment program gives men and women a discreet and secure residence where they have 24/7 support. They simultaneously participate in various therapies and treatment programs that treat addiction and dependence.

Here are some additional benefits of enrolling in a residential treatment program:

  • Patients live full-time at a residential treatment facility with others who are working on their recovery. They are free from external stresses and triggers and can focus fully on their recovery goals.
  • Medical staff will administer medications to reduce withdrawal, cravings, and the risk of relapsing.
  • Patients will work with behavioral therapists in private and group therapy to develop coping skills and a healthy outlook on themselves and the world around them.
  • Family therapy is a critical component of addiction treatment as it helps restore broken relationships and trust and improves the family bond.

After completing a residential treatment program, patients can continue their therapy with outpatient or alumni programs.

Evoke Wellness: Helping Hard Working Men and Women Struggling with Addiction

What is the difference between addiction and dependence? At Evoke Wellness, our team will educate you and your family about addiction and all that is required to treat the illness. We use a combination of behavioral therapies and medication to minimize withdrawals and cravings and allow patients to focus 100% on their recovery. After completing our residential program, patients can continue to receive support through our alumni program.

Take that first step toward a better life today by calling 866.693.3871 to speak with our experienced team about enrolling in our addiction treatment facility.