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What to Get Someone for Their Sober Anniversary

image of two friends hugging at a coffee shop while having coffee as a solution to what to get someone for their sober anniversary

When someone has decided to get sober and stay sober, their task is not easy. Alcohol is socially acceptable, readily available, and often expected at many gatherings. Everything from Sunday football games to weddings to religious rituals carries an expectation of alcohol consumption. People who are new to sobriety will likely feel left out. Alcoholism is a complex condition that doesn’t just go away. Most alcoholics can never drink successfully again, and they accept this. Others struggle but trying to stay sober is the mark of change, and supporting these individuals can save them from returning to drinking. When they do maintain sobriety, it should be celebrated, but knowing what to get someone for their sober anniversary can be challenging.

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Is Alcoholism Really That Hard To Overcome?

Substance use disorder is a mental health disorder. Alcoholics have lost the ability to control how much they drink. Problem drinkers can still stop but often overindulge. Binge drinkers binge on dangerous amounts of alcohol on weekends or holidays and put their health at risk. The reason alcoholism is difficult is not that the person cannot drink; it is because they used alcohol to self-medicate. People in recovery are without medication, essentially. The issue is not about the alcohol but the person’s mental and emotional states, not after they quit but before they ever drank. Most, if not all, alcoholics share personal histories of trauma, abuse, or other adverse situations. Their recovery is an ongoing journey of healing. Celebrating that ongoing journey by giving them sobriety gifts only enhances the physical, mental, and spiritual healing of the recovery process.

How Do I Support My Sober Friend on Their Anniversary of Sobriety?

The most important type of support for anyone getting and remaining sober is encouraging and congratulating them on their sobriety. Letting someone know they are doing the right thing and should feel proud is always helpful, especially with alcoholism. Another way to let someone know that you are there for them is to give them sobriety gifts that reinforce their journey of recovery or recognize it. The following are solid recommendations on what to give or do for sober friends or relatives:

  • Take them out to dinner
  • Buy them a gym membership
  • Gift them an Espresso maker or soda stream appliance
  • Buy them a unique journal or leather-bound notebook
  • Select Jewelry that is engraved with their sobriety date
  • Throw them a non-alcohol get-together and watch football or play games
  • Gift them a Tea or coffee club (monthly gift box)
  • Buy them a gift card to a streaming service so they can watch programs or listen to music
  • Find Books about Sobriety ( AA, mindfulness recovery)
  • Go to a meeting with them and have coffee afterward- if this applies

What Kind of Support Is Most Helpful in Maintaining Sobriety?

Hands down, the most supportive gesture or action is to not drink around your friend. This is especially true if your friend was once your drinking buddy. Getting sober requires a new outlook and often leaving behind drinking friends. A real friend who does not have a problem with drinking should hang out with someone who needs friends and not drink. Recovery is very often lonely. Even though alcohol is the number one abused substance, many people don’t quit when they should, and those who do are rarely successful in breaking the cycle of addiction on their own.

Evoke Coconut Creek Offers Treatment Programs for Alcoholism

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