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Stress and Anxiety

young, distraught woman clutching her head as she struggles with stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are very common in the U.S., with over 40 million adults reporting anxiety symptoms related to stress build-up each year.1 While some people will talk with a therapist about their stress levels, many choose to use drugs or alcohol to feel better. If they are not careful, one or two drinks to “unwind” can quickly turn into four or five and develop into a serious substance use disorder.

At Evoke Wellness at Coconut Creek, our goal is to aid Floridians who struggle to manage their stress and develop anxiety or substance use disorders because of it. When you first arrive at our state-of-the-art treatment center, we will run a full health assessment to determine the severity of the condition. This information allows us to determine which therapies and medication will best support your recovery.

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How Dangerous Are the Effects of Stress?

Stress is a natural reaction to challenging or dangerous situations that everyone will experience at some point. It is meant to prepare our minds and bodies for intense situations and is part of the fight-or-flight response. When you perceive a stressful situation, your body releases adrenaline and cortisol, which gives you a burst of energy and physically prepares you for the task at hand.

Chronic stress can be very bad for your physical health and can lead to type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Stress can also lead to an increase in anxiety and potentially cause an anxiety disorder, like post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety, or generalized anxiety disorder.

Here are some additional statistics on the level of stress and anxiety in the US:

  • 55% of Americans experience stress at some point during the day
  • 94% of workers report feelings of stress at the workplace
  • 63% of workers are ready to quit to avoid work-related stress
  • 33% of people report feeling extreme stress

Evoke Wellness at Coconut Creek is well aware of the effects of stress and how it can cause anxiety and substance use disorders. We work closely with each patient to identify the cause of their stress and teach them healthy ways of managing their symptoms and triggers.

The Benefits of Treating Stress and Anxiety

The smart way of treating stress and anxiety is by talking with a therapist and participating in an anxiety treatment program. This method allows people to face their stress triggers head-on and reduce any anxious feelings or alcohol or drug cravings that can make things worse.

Here are some of the benefits of treating stress and anxiety:

  • Reduce the risk of stress-related illnesses – The build-up of cortisol, a stress hormone, in your system is very bad for your overall health. High levels of stress increase blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke. High levels of stress can also cause:
    • Diabetes
    • Headaches
    • Muscle tension
    • Digestive problems
    • Weight gain
    • Fatigue
  • Improves emotional regulation – Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the best ways of reducing stress and anxiety. You will work with a behavioral therapist who will guide you toward understanding the root cause of your stress and teach you new ways of coping with those feelings. This process allows you to better understand your emotions and learn to express them in healthy ways instead of bottling them up and turning to drugs or alcohol.
  • Avoiding substance abuse – One of the biggest dangers of high levels of stress and anxiety is the risk of addiction. Despite the known harms of drug and alcohol abuse, many people still use them as a means of coping. Talking with a therapist can reduce the risk of developing an addiction as they teach you better ways of coping with stressful situations.

If you do not learn how to deal with the effects of stress, you are more likely to experience a number of physical and mental health conditions. By enrolling in an anxiety treatment program, you can reduce stress levels and learn how to calmly deal with any situation that life throws at you.

Join Evoke Wellness for Our Anxiety Treatment Program in Florida

Evoke Wellness at Coconut Creek welcomes Florida residents who are struggling with an anxiety disorder brought on by high levels of stress. We base each of our programs on the patient’s severity of their condition to build a comprehensive treatment program. Our programs can include a mix of therapies, such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Motivational interviewing (MI)
  • Holistic therapies
  • Family/couples therapy

Discover the benefit of treating stress and anxiety by calling 866.693.3871 today or reaching out online to schedule a tour and begin a healing journey.



1Journal of Psychiatric Research – “Trends in anxiety among adults in the United States, 2008-2018: Rapid increases among young adults”