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Holding Yourself Accountable While in Recovery

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In addiction recovery, there are two essential elements. The number one most important element is accepting that a problem exists. The second most important is accountability. Accountability is the state or quality of being held responsible for your actions, especially in sobriety. It is a willingness or obligation to accept responsibility for one’s actions. Accountability is especially important when negative events have occurred. If we don’t take responsibility for our actions, we are essentially denying that a problem exists and blaming others. Recovery can’t begin until the addict accepts responsibility. Then, a commitment can be made to commit to change and move forward with life. In addition, being honest with yourself helps to build self-esteem, which is a fundamental part of recovering from addiction. Holding Yourself Accountable While in Recovery

Ways to Keep Yourself Accountable While SOBER

Getting sober is hard, but maintaining sobriety is even more difficult. To stay on the path of recovery, you have to hold yourself accountable. This means accepting responsibility for your actions, and decisions and staying sober. Some different ways to stay accountable in recovery can include:

  • Being Honest — Honesty is hard for addicts. We aren’t used to it since most of us have spent years lying, stealing, and cheating to maintain our addictions. However, it’s one of the most important aspects of keeping yourself accountable in recovery. It is huge to open up to others and let them know you are in recovery. It’s also important, to be honest with your closest friends and family about your triggers and cravings and when you are having a difficult time so they can help support you. If they don’t know, they can’t help you.
  • Tell Your Family and Friends About Your Recovery — Most of us probably have friends and family already aware of our recovery, but some may not be. Opening up to all of your friends and family or the people closest to you helps keep you accountable. This may even include some of your coworkers or friends you have met through social media. Anyone that you interact with on a daily or weekly basis. People that would be able to tell if something was off with you.
  • Get a Sponsor or Accountability Partner — Getting a sponsor is a perfect way to do this, but anyone who is sober and in recovery can help. This can be a huge help when you are feeling triggered or experiencing cravings. In addition, your accountability partner can be there to help talk you down if you are on the verge of a potential relapse.
  • Stay Connected With Supportive People — Isolating in recovery is one of the worst things you can do. However, staying connected to people that love and support you is imperative. People will cheer you on and be there for you when you are having a tough time.
  • Maintain a List of Your Goals and What You Have to Lose — Create a list of the things most important to you or goals you are trying to reach. Are you willing to risk these things by using them? You can also list what things were like in active addiction and how things are now. Do you want to go back to your old ways and lose everything you’ve built up? It’s not worth it.

A good way to stay sober is to think about all the wonderful things being in recovery has given you. A new career may be, relationships with your family, better health, or just the way you look now versus when you were in active addiction.

Committing to Giving Back in Addiction Recovery

Another way to keep yourself accountable in recovery is by making commitments. A positive way to do this is by giving back or helping others. For example, regularly volunteering, taking a lead role in a support group, helping someone else through their recovery, or possibly becoming a sponsor yourself if you are active in the 12-step community. Giving back makes you feel good about yourself and gives you a great sense of accomplishment.

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