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Going to Drug Treatment During Covid-19

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At the beginning of Covid-19, there was a nationwide lockdown, and a lot of places closed except for essential service businesses. Rehab for drug and alcohol addiction is considered essential, so these places have remained open throughout the pandemic. And since many restrictions have now been lifted, things have gotten back to being somewhat normal for almost all businesses, including treatment facilities. Mental health disorders and substance abuse issues have risen remarkably due to the Covid-19 virus leading to a rise in rehab admissions. Overdose fatalities have also increased considerably over the past two years. These issues continue to rise, making getting addiction treatment more critical than ever. Going to Treatment During Covid-19

Going to Rehab For Addiction During Covid-19

The use of certain substances like methamphetamine, opioids, and tobacco can compromise respiratory health and damage one’s pulmonary system. As a result, those with respiratory conditions are at an increased risk of developing Covid. In addition, if you are struggling with an addiction to these substances, you could be more vulnerable to getting the virus. Isolation and loneliness can contribute to new or worse mental health symptoms. Most of us know that mental health issues can cause an increased risk for substance abuse; drugs are a way to cope for many people. However, with the stress of this pandemic, addiction can also worsen or lead an individual to relapse, which could then cause a fatal outcome. If you have decided to stop using drugs and alcohol but are hesitant to seek treatment due to the virus, please know that trying to detox on your own could be life-threatening. Sudden withdrawal can cause very uncomfortable symptoms and lead to potentially dangerous seizures that could cause death. Therefore, detox in a medically supervised environment is always recommended. If you think you may need addiction treatment, it’s important to seek treatment immediately. The virus has changed some aspects of treatment, but nothing major should stop anyone from getting help. Getting treatment now is important for the following reasons:

  • Staying isolated can worsen mental health conditions and lead to more drug use.
  • People with substance use disorders can be at greater risk for contacting Covid-19.
  • Trying to detox at home for someone with a severe substance use disorder can be life-threatening.

Is it Safe Going to Rehab During the Covid Epidemic?

Most inpatient treatment facilities require patients to be tested and enforce mask-wearing and social distancing among residents. Many facilities also use telehealth services or other online platforms for providers to connect with patients. This is a way to minimize physical contact. Any inpatient treatment facility should take the necessary precautions against Covid-19 and comply with all guidelines to ensure the environment you’re in is safe and comfortable. The facility should also be screening current clients, new clients, and staff regularly for symptoms. If you have a facility in mind that you would like to enter, be sure to call them before going and ask what measures they are taking against Covid-19.

Getting Treatment for Substance Abuse

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