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Effective Group Therapy Activities

group of men and women engaged in effective group therapy activities led by addiction specialist.

Treating addiction and other mental health disorders requires a unique approach to address all symptoms and develop effective coping skills. It involves private therapy sessions, taking medication to ease symptoms, and participation in group therapy activities. Group therapy is an essential step in the recovery process as it allows you and your peers to see how they cope with similar disorders.

Evoke Wellness at Coconut Creek is a full-service treatment facility that works with people struggling with addiction, depression, or other treatable mental health disorders. Our residential and outpatient treatment programs focus on the individual’s triggers and symptoms and the disruptive behaviors that they create. Patients will participate in private therapy sessions as well as several group therapy activities.

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Do Support Groups for Addiction Really Work?

Addiction is a complex process that requires a tailored approach to treating each person. No two cases of addiction are the same, and each person’s triggers are unique to the situation.

A typical treatment program will include private therapy sessions where the patients talk one-on-one with a therapist to better understand their symptoms and find new ways to cope. In group therapy sessions, patients will work with their peers in various group activities to practice coping skills, learn how to communicate their feelings, and build their self-esteem. Therapists will monitor their interactions and discuss any behaviors or communication that does not support healing.

Support groups for addiction allow patients to:

  • Talk about their experiences with their peers
  • Give feedback and advice to others
  • Develop healthy relationships with their peers
  • Learn new life skills that promote sobriety and better mental health
  • Participate in bonding activities

Evoke Wellness at Coconut Creek understands the value of group therapy sessions and includes them in every treatment program. Group therapy is an excellent way for patients to see how people from different walks of life cope with similar issues and show them they are not alone in their struggles.

5 Effective Group Therapy Activities to Treat Addiction

Millions of people grew up believing that sharing your problems with others is wrong and you should keep it to yourself. Fortunately, more people are beginning to see the benefits of group therapy and learning that it is OK to talk to others about their mental health.

Here are five group therapy activities that can benefit your addiction recovery and overall mental health:

  1. Check-in rounds – This activity involves everyone in the group sharing how they are doing and any challenges they faced since the last group session. This generally happens at the start of the session and gives everyone a chance to talk about troubling thoughts and experiences.
  2. Group discussion – Talking about your experiences with others can help you understand your feelings and vent any frustrations in a healthy manner. This activity is an excellent way to get comfortable talking to others about difficult situations and sensitive subjects.
  3. Role-playing games – This fun group activity allows patients to practice real-world situations where their cravings are triggered and how to respond. These games are a great way to practice coping skills while getting feedback from peers and the therapist.
  4. Art/Creative self-expression therapy – Learning to express yourself in different ways can help some people who have trouble verbalizing their feelings. Patients work on individual and group creative projects, like painting, creating music, or writing a play, and share their vision with the group. This activity can go a long way toward helping people build their confidence and self-esteem.
  5. Goal setting – Setting goals is another necessary group therapy activity where patients share their recovery goals and what they are doing to reach their goals with the group. This activity can hold them accountable for their actions as well as encouraging them to keep pushing toward that goal.

This list is just some of the group therapy activities that patients can experience during group sessions. Addiction is a treatable illness when you have a robust support system behind you to aid your recovery journey. Group therapy gives you that support.

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