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Breaking Free: Recovering From Tranq Addiction

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As you struggle to break free from the grips of tranq addiction, you feel trapped and alone, unsure of how to regain control. However, with the proper treatment program, you can recover and build the life you deserve. At Evoke Wellness at Coconut Creek, our experienced team helps individuals like yourself overcome tranq addiction through an integrated and evidence-based approach. Our residential treatment program, process addiction treatment program, polysubstance abuse services, psychotherapy program, relapse prevention therapy program, and aftercare program provide the comprehensive support needed to get your life back on track. Recovery is possible – take the first step and contact us today. 

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What Is Tranq? 

A Dangerous Synthetic Opioid 

Tranq, or xylazine, is a powerful synthetic opioid used as a veterinary sedative and pain reliever for large animals. However, it has increasingly been mixed with other illicit drugs like fentanyl and heroin, creating a deadly combination on the streets. 

Disturbing Effects 

  • Causes severe skin ulcers and abscesses that can lead to amputation 
  • Respiratory depression and overdose risk 
  • Increased risk of serious infections and blood disorders 

A Growing Crisis 

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How Does Tranq Affect the Mind and Body? 

Physical Effects 

  • Respiratory depression and coma 
  • Constricted pupils 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Constipation and increased appetite 

Mental Impact 

  • Intense euphoria and relaxation 
  • Confusion and drowsiness 
  • Impaired cognition and judgment 
  • Dissociative “out-of-body” experiences 

Tranq, the street name for xylazine, is a powerful sedative used in veterinary medicine. However, its illicit use as a cutting agent or substitute in opioid drugs has skyrocketed. Combining xylazine’s potent effects with other substances amplifies the risk of overdose. According to the DEA, tranq contributed to over 3,000 overdose deaths in 2021 – a staggering 600% increase from 2019. 

Health Risks and Complications of Tranq Use 

Severe Tissue Damage 

  • Tranq use can cause severe tissue damage, leading to wounds that may require amputation 
  • The drug’s potency causes blackened, rotting skin at injection sites 

Breathing Issues 

  • Tranq depresses respiratory function, potentially causing breathing difficulties 
  • Overdoses can lead to respiratory arrest – a life-threatening complication 

Increased Risk of Infections 

  • Injection drug use raises the risk of infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis C 
  • Bacteria from unsterile needles can cause dangerous abscesses and blood infections 

Overdose Potential 

  • Tranq is extremely potent – just a few granules can be a fatal overdose dose 
  • Overdoses often require multiple doses of naloxone to reverse respiratory depression 

The synthetic opioid tranq dwarfs other opioids in potency and danger. Beyond typical opioid risks like addiction and overdose, its horrific side effects include necrosis – the rotting of body tissue. Seeking comprehensive treatment is crucial to overcoming tranq’s devastating effects. 

Overcoming Tranq Addiction Through Treatment Programs 

Tranq addiction is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive approach. At Evoke Wellness, we offer a range of evidence-based treatment programs to help individuals overcome their dependence on this dangerous substance. 

Residential Treatment Program 

  • Safe, structured environment for focused recovery 
  • 24/7 medical supervision and support 
  • Counseling and therapy sessions 

Process Addiction Treatment 

  • Develops coping mechanisms and healthy habits 
  • Promotes long-term lifestyle changes 

Polysubstance Abuse Program 

  • Integrated approach for multiple substance use 
  • Customized treatment plans 

Psychotherapy Program 

  • Cognitive-behavioral techniques 
  • Trauma-informed care 

Relapse Prevention Therapy 

  • Coping strategies for cravings and lapses 
  • Aftercare planning for sustained recovery 

Aftercare & Alumni Support 

  • Aftercare helps with Sober living resources and referrals 
  • Continuous care for lasting sobriety 

Our comprehensive programs provide the tools, support, and compassionate care needed to break free from tranq addiction’s grip. Take the first step toward healing today. 

FAQ: Tranq Addiction and Residential Treatment Programs 

What is a Residential Treatment Program? 

  • Provides 24/7 inpatient care and supervision in a safe, structured environment. 
  • Offers comprehensive, evidence-based therapies and services. 
  • Helps stabilize tranq/opioid withdrawal and address underlying causes. 

What Therapies are Included? 

  • Process addiction treatment programs target compulsive behaviors. 
  • Psychotherapy explores root psychological causes and trauma. 
  • Polysubstance abuse programs address multiple substance dependencies. 
  • Relapse prevention plans strengthen recovery skills long-term. 

What Happens After Treatment? 

  • Aftercare programs provide ongoing counseling and support groups. 
  • Case managers coordinate outpatient therapy and community resources. 
  • Alumni events build sober networks and accountability partners. 

With integrated medical, psychological and holistic care, residential rehab gives tranq users the tools to achieve lasting sobriety. Reputable programs offer evidence-based and personalized treatment plans for tranq/opioid addiction recovery. 


In conclusion, the Tranq epidemic has taken hold nationwide with alarming rates of addiction and overdose. However, with proper treatment and diligent aftercare, recovery is possible. The residential and outpatient programs at Evoke Wellness provide comprehensive support and proven methodologies to help individuals break free from Tranq dependence. With counseling, group therapy, medical oversight, and continuing care, you or your loved one can overcome this addiction and build a strong foundation for lifelong wellbeing. Take the first step and contact Evoke today to learn more about the path to healing. 

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