What to Pack


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What to Pack

If you’ve decided to enter our treatment program, you may be wondering what items to take for the duration of your stay. It is not unusual to feel anxious or worried about going to rehab. One cause for concern can be uncertainty about what can and should be brought with you. Most rehab facilities, including Evoke Wellness at Miramar, have rules about the types of items that can be taken to treatment. As a result, many centers provide a checklist of items that are allowed as well as prohibited.

We’ve put together an easy-to-understand list of the items you should bring to rehab, along with the items that you should not carry along. Based on our years of experience in the addiction treatment field, people ask about these items the most. We hope this helps you or a loved one in making the Evoke Wellness Florida addiction treatment experience as comfortable as possible.

Items You Should Bring to Rehab

What You Should Not Bring to Rehab